Empowering everyone to level up their food game.

There is no single logo, recipe, or cook, Bite is an ever changing culinary resource ready to meet you wherever you are on your food journey. It starts with the logo—a humanist wordmark with a customizable garnish above the “i”. The garnish swatches different food textures, sauces, or preserves; it can be a drizzle of honey or a dollop of pesto. Ever-changing, the tittle can be expanded upon as more food creators join the platform.


The visual identity is bold, tactile, and embraces imperfections over haute cuisine.

Hand cut shapes, kitchen-found textures, vibrant spice inspired colors give the visual system its flavor palette. The brand is lead by the core idea of “Find Your Flavor” which acts as a rallying cry to home cooks over the world. Each element was crafted with a sense of a hand-cut organic edge, offering flexibility within the brand to endlessly combine shapes, textures, and colors to inspire new flavors.


From brand ingredients to motion, a system motivated by the pace of a moving kitchen.

Bold, staccato, organic. The motion language is built to give a sense of edge—choppy motion and fast paced sizzling loops favored over perfect computerized eases. “Leveling up” became the core inspiration for developing the kinetic typography. Finding a sense of color popping throughout the type then motivated the leveling up movement, as creators and home cooks find inspiration, recipes, and new techniques.


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